How to integrate the Dwolla API into an eWallet

Hi, I’m developing an electronic wallet in which each user can transfer money from their bank account to their electronic wallet and from their electronic wallet to their bank account.

but I can’t understand the API to make it work

Hey @Serge_Amoungui, are you looking for a technical understanding of the integration and experiencing difficulty making the transfer request? Or are you looking to understand the steps leading up to creating a transfer? I’ll quickly outline the steps below.

Step 1 - Create a Verified Customer
The Dwolla Wallet, also known as the Dwolla Balance is a funding source that is automatically attached to a Verified Customer. We recommend creating at least one of these parties.

Step 2 - Add a Bank to your Customer
From here, you will also need to add and verify a bank account to the Customer. This can be done in a variety of methods, including with Account and Routing number + microdeposits, Instant Account Verification, or with our Plaid integration. Check out our documentation to learn more.

Step 3 - Create a transfer.
From here you can create a transfer with Dwolla. Specifying the verified bank funding source as the source of the transfer, and the balance funding source as the destination, you will be able to initiate a transfer to your Customer’s wallet.

These are the steps at a high level that you will need to accomplish.
For a comprehensive step-by-step guide that elaborates on these steps with helpful code examples, check out our developer guide.

Thank’s for your help.

Le mar. 12 mai 2020 à 06:13, Cory Anderson via Dwolla Community Support a écrit :

Hi, thanks for your reply. for my part, I create my own e-wallet and all I would like is an API that allows the users of my application to transfer money from their wallet to the bank account and from the bank account to the wallet that I created.
best regards. serge

Le mar. 12 mai 2020 à 06:13, Cory Anderson via Dwolla Community Support a écrit :

Hi @Serge_Amoungui – thanks for providing more clarification on your use case!

Does your eWallet have Account // Routing numbers associated with it? If so, you could add them as a funding-source to your Customer’s Dwolla account, and create transfers to/from it to another bank account that can also be attached as a funding-source to the same Customer. You could then create a Me-to-Me transfer within those two funding-sources.

Alternatively, you could use the Dwolla Balance feature provided by Dwolla as your eWallet, which is already attached to a Dwolla Customer when they are created as Verified Customers. Learn more about the Dwolla Balance in our docs here -

Hope that helps! Let us know if you come across any questions!

shreya, thank you for your reaction. Anyway, I don’t understand what you mean by routing number. can you explain to me what a routing number is used for in a wallet? so I would like to update my wallet.


Le lun. 18 mai 2020 à 12:08, Shreya Thapa via Dwolla Community Support a écrit :

Hi Serge! In order to create transfers within the Dwolla Network, you need to Create Customer accounts and then attach bank accounts as funding-sources to those accounts. If your eWallet is supported by some bank account you are using to hold funds virtually, it would have an Accounting number and a Bank Routing number which can be used to attach it as a funding-source in Dwolla to create transfers to/from.

Having said that, since Dwolla already provides the Dwolla Balance which can be used as an eWallet, I’d recommend checking out the feature to learn more about it and how you could use it in your Platform. I’ve provided some helpful links in the previous post. Let me know if you have any questions!

salut, j’ai un problème avec la mise à jour d’un client, j’ai exécuté les instructions d’intégration mais j’ai un message d’erreur, je ne comprend pas à savoir: “Erreur de rejet non gérée: {” code “:” ValidationError “,” message “:” Erreur (s) de validation présente (s). Consultez la liste des erreurs intégrées pour plus de détails. “,” _ Embedded “: {” errors “: [{” code “:” NotAllowed “,” message “:” Type value not allowed. “,” Path “:” / type ", “_liens”:{}}]}} "

j’aimerais bien mettre le code source mais l’éditeur le refuser

Le mar. 19 mai 2020 à 06:06, Shreya Thapa via Dwolla Community Support a écrit :

Hi @Serge_Amoungui – while we normally don’t provide support in languages other than English, I was able to Google Translate it and understand your post!

You should be able to post the source code here. Would you be able to try to post the raw request body here for me to take a look?

I believe the issue may be with updating a Customer account to be a different type of Customer account. You can only change the type if upgrading an unverified Customer to a verified Customer.

Hope that helps!

sorry, I forget to write in English. however, this is source code.


  • update Dwolla customer info

  • @public


exports.update = async (req, res, next) => {

const requestBody = req.body;

const customerUrl = ‘’;


.then( (appToken) => {


.post(customerUrl, requestBody)

.then(res => res.body.firstName); // => ‘53863b11-1758-47c8-821f-00e6a126f97f’



Le jeu. 21 mai 2020 à 07:45, Shreya Thapa via Dwolla Community Support a écrit :

Hi, nobody can help me? I have an error when I to update client information to pass from not-verify to verify. the source code give me an error

Hi @Serge_Amoungui, The Customer type you created is a Receive-only user, which is a user type that can only receive funds. By default, this customer type cannot be upgraded to a different Customer type. This is the reason for the error you are receiving. I would recommend creating a new Customer that is an Unverified Customer. You can then upgrade this customer type to a Verified Customer, which has the ability to hold a balance.

In order to utilize this balance functionality, your users will need to be created as Verified Customers using the Dwolla API.

Thanks, for your reply