How to manage fund transfer flow?

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  • We will initiate transfer fund between accounts by using Dwolla API

  • Dwolla backend process will create two-phase transactions for the fund transfer. Dwolla will return the first transaction URL when will initiate a transaction and we can store it into the database.
    When Dwolla webhook calls our system at that time we can match that transfer ID.
    -But When Dwolla returns another webhook of the deposit amount into destination account that time we do not have any Unique Id, then how we can match transaction and confirm that which process is completed, failed, or canceled.

Ex: Transfer Fund chase savings account to chase checking account.

Dwolla process flow:

  1. Source funding source(savings Account) to Balance funding source.
  2. Balance funding source to Destination funding source(Checking Account).

-Our issue is that we need some unique Id in the Dwolla Webhook response so we can compare transactions and manage transfer flow for the two steps transfer process.
Can you please help me out to manage the Dwolla transfer process.


Hi @Pratik – Thanks for posting! I’m afraid we don’t include a unique ID on a webhook payload apart from what’s already in the schema since they were designed to be very lightweight and only include links to relevant resources in the API.

As for tying transfers back to the originating transfer, I would recommend checking out Spencer’s post where he explains the different phases of a bank to bank transfer between two verified Customers and the webhooks triggered. It’s a simiilar concept for me-to-me transfers as well.

Spencer’s Post - Bank Transfer vs Transfer (Webhook)

This Gist is also a helpful resource in understanding the different scenarios that could occur with a transfer in Production, and all the webhooks associated with them - Transfer and Events Gist. Again, a me-to-me transfer would be similar to Transfer Scenario 1 in that Gist.

Hope that helps! Let me know if you come across any questions!