How to move in production environment

(Naman Verma) #1

Hello Team,
I have successfully integrated dwolla in sandbox environment.Now it’s time to work in live production.I want to know the complete procedure to enter into the production mode.Please elaborate it deeply so that I can integrate it without any hurdle.

Naman Verma

(Ben) #2

We are going through that process now. For the Access Api we needed to get a signed contract in place. Once we completed that Dwolla sent us an integration guide pdf which detailed a number of other requirements not mentioned on their website, including:

  • Emails that must be sent to all verified customers when their account is created, updated, funding source added and removed, micro deposits started/deposited/verified, on demand authorization granted and revoked, any transfer coming in or going out from any of their verified accounts notifying them of their creation/pending/success/failure/cancellation
  • Evidence of each of these emails working. They must be sent immediately on your receipt of the appropriate webhooks
  • Transfer history available on the platform going back 2 years with all the transfer info and date filtering
  • Full FAQ detailing how Dwolla works along with its policies and your policies
  • Conflict resolution abilities
  • Explicit acceptance of their terms and privacy and your own terms and privacy
  • HTTPS is required
  • Password strength and non clear text storage requirements
  • Audit logging
  • Contact info for your users to contact you and to contact Dwolla
  • Login event tracking
  • You must use their funding source name(nickname) whenever you reference it on your site

Then you must schedule a demo with their implementation team to verify your platform follows their guidelines.
They also make their marketing team available to coordinate on testimonials and release media.

(Ty Wistrand) #3

Thanks for the thorough response and assistance, Ben!

Naman, I’m on the Sales Operations team at Dwolla, and I would be happy to get you going with next steps in this process if you would like to email me directly at so we can continue the conversation there.