How to register for a personal account (for non-business people)

(Karin Powell) #1

Do you have a NON-BUSINESS version of this “How to register for a personal account” ? My customers are general-public.
I’m anticipating my customers are going to get confused when they see the breadcrumbs and the words “If you are a customer of a third-party application and you need….

(Sheena Lovan) #2

We’re focused on processing payments for businesses and organizations and using the registration process to learn more about their payment needs. The change in the registration page is in response from the increasing interest from businesses looking to use Dwolla’s platform and Dwolla’s interest in collecting some more information about the goals of those business users.

Users are welcome to sign-up for a personal Dwolla account at

(Karin Powell) #3

I’m sorry… that’s not really answering my question.

Question: Do you have a similar screen that is NOT addressed to Business Account clients?

I need one for NON-BUSINESS account clients. Showing them this one will add confusion because of the references to Business Accounts and third-party applications.

(Ben Milne) #4


If you click this link -

`Someone will be able to select personal after they create an account.

Also, if they are paying you through a offsite gateway sessions through a third party like Jotforms or Shopify, they can sign up while making the payment.

(Karin Powell) #5

Thank you, BPMilne,

I whipped up a screen for our public school parents:

I had to make one on my own because the one Dwolla has is confusing to our public school parents… mainly because of the breadcrumb and the wording on the Dwolla help screen (see original post, above).