How to support ACH transacctions types ARC,CCD,TEL

I’m new to this platform, previously working with a different provider.
In our previous implementation there are different types of transactions that could follow different flows or compliance requirements, for instance :

Web Initiated-Entry. Electronic authorization through the Internet to create an ACH entry.
Accounts Receivable Entry. A consumer check converted to a one-time ACH debit. The difference between ARC and POP is that ARC can result from a check mailed in whereas POP is in-person.
Corporate Credit or Debit. Primarily used for business-to-business transactions.

There is a similar distinction in DWOLLA for this ACH transaction types ?
I will appreciate If someone guide to the right documentation resource.


HI @ronnymgm, The use of ACH Standard Entry Class (SEC) Codes is abstracted away and is handled by Dwolla. Since this is something that is controlled by Dwolla we don’t expose this information in our public API docs (primarily for simplification and to avoid confusion). We don’t support ARC or TEL. A majority of transactions are classified as either WEB or CCD. Hope this helps!

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Thank you Spencer for the explanation.
And how the transaction is classified in WEB or CCD, is it based on the Customer profile type ( personal or Business ) ?

That’s correct @ronnymgm! It’s based on the Customer record type in Dwolla.