HTTP response body: {u'message': u'Invalid access token.', u'code': u'InvalidAccessToken'}

(Afzal Farooqui) #1

I just started exploring Dwolla API through Python SDK and trying to query customers but getting this “InvalidAccessToken” message. Following is my code i am running in shell:

dwollaswagger.configuration.access_token = ''
customers_api = dwollaswagger.CustomersApi(client)
my_custies = customers_api.list(limit=10)

I created my token from dwolla website.


(Afzal Farooqui) #2

Never mind, I had to use the token generated from Sandbox. Thanks

(Spencer Hunter) #3

@Afzal_Farooqui, Apologies on the confusion on the type of token needed for making requests to our API v2. We are working on clarifying the two types of access tokens used in API v2 (Application access token and user account access token). For more information on the difference between the two types of tokens and how to obtain them, reference my reply in this thread: How to get an application access token