I want FiSync for my financial institution

FiSync is a Dwolla-only thing where bank transfers are instantaneous instead of taking several days for ACH in from payer’s bank account and more days for ACH out to payee’s bank account. I know financial institutions can sign up at https://fisync.dwolla.com/ but I’d like to see a way for users to be able to nominate their financial institutions so Dwolla can know about our community/regional banks and contact them to work on getting them signed up. I’m envisioning something like Mint.com’s bank network where you can connect your accounts – but you can tell them which bank you have if it’s not already on their list; that’s the part I’d like to see implemented at Dwolla. Thank you.


This is a great thought. For the short term we can treat this as a very easy place to nominate your FI to make it clear you’d like them to be using FiSync.

Where do you bank? Maybe we’ll get lucky and it will be one of them that’s already working with us to get up and running.

Bank of the West


Will there be a directory of financial institutions that use FiSync? I would swtich banks if I knew that I could switch to one that supported it.

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@BCG - Today there are 2 ways to get FiSync benefits and real-time buying power today.

  1. Bank with Veridian Credit Union
  2. Enable credit on your account with Comenity Capital Bank

Right now we’re working with other financial institutions who can open accounts anywhere in the country which will make it easier to get FiSync access.

BCG - Where do you live / bank ?

I’d love to see FiSync at Wells Fargo. I co-own a consulting business, and getting paid instantly would be extremely helpful.


I see a partnership with Simple in the future :wink:


It would be convenient if, say Simple, had an opt in or automatically enabled feature for Dwolla when opening an account to bypass the account verification process. People are using services like Simple because they don’t use physical bank branches and don’t care for the excessive fees. People use Dwolla because they don’t care for physical cash and don’t care for the fees associated with using plastic. The two go together beautifully.

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@bpmilne - I live in Oregon and would love to have access to a FiSync bank.

Philadelphia Federal Credit Union. I’m fond of PFCU, but frankly if any other credit union for which I qualify for membership were to integrate with FiSync, I’d probably switch.


Fred - Where do you currently bank?

Right now, I am with MAPS Credit Union: http://www.mapscu.com


Tulsa, Oklahoma area banks that I use (in order that I’d prefer to see them implemented):

  • Bank of Oklahoma (BOK)
  • Arvest (owned by the Wal-Mart family)
  • Red Crown Federal Credit Union

I’m more interested in making real time withdrawals than real time payments so a credit line is probably not that helpful in my case. We use Suntrust for banking.

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West Bank please! https://www.westbankstrong.com/

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I bank with:

  1. US Bank in Franklin, TN
  2. Reliant Bank in Franklin, TN
  3. Lake Michigan Credit Union in Michigan
  4. Capital One 360 checking “online”

I’d LOVE to have FiSync at my banks. I’d be willing to switch to another bank(s) that had FiSync. Real time transfers would be a HUGE help to me!

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Also wondering if any talks with U.S. Bank are in the works. I know they just released a simlar system where you can sendd money instantly called popmoney in the past week so im doubtful they will give this a second look sadly.

The nice part about Dwolla is that it can actually be connected to the rest of the world. Merchants / government / etc etc. A lot of p2p systems for banks let people pay one another but not the rest of the world very easily. We’d love to be helpful with that as well as driving some new revenue for the bank.

+1 for E*Trade to the list and Simple.

I know this isn’t a regional bank, but I want FiSync at Bank of America – I would use it all the time. As a student there’s tons of deals to join other banks, so I’d definitely be willing to switch to a bank with FiSync as I’m transferring away from my joined accounts with my parents soon anyway. I pay my roommates for groceries/rent/movie tickets/etc several times a week and collect from them just as often, I’d like to make those transactions via Dwolla and whatever bank made that easiest.


I suspect that a lot of us who are attracted to Dwolla’s low fee/no fee philosophy are also attracted to credit unions or banks like Simple that seem to share that same approach to low user fees. While I’d be delighted if you could persuade my credit union here in Philadelphia to integrate with FiSync, I know that isn’t going to happen tomorrow, if ever. But I hope that you can do a deal with one of the credit unions like PenFed or Andrews FCU that have a national customer base, or with an unconventional online banking service like Simple that also has a national customer base. I suspect a lot of us would be happy to open accounts at such a financial institution. And it leapfrogs over the long slog of doing FiSync integrations on a bank-by-bank basis.