IAV flow throwing error

(Bharat Verma) #1

I’m very new to Dwolla so please excuse me if this question is basic. I’m trying to implement the IAV flow using example code provided on the website but am getting the following error message:

Error: {“code”:“UnexpectedPage”,“message”:“IAV navigated to an unexpected page and was cancelled.”} – Response: undefined

It happens in my call to dwolla.iav.start. I copied over the example code on this page to get started:
dwolla.iav.start(iavToken, {
container: ‘iavContainer’,
microDeposits: true,
fallbackToMicroDeposits: true,
backButton: true,
subscriber: ({ currentPage, error }) => {
console.log(‘currentPage:’, currentPage, ‘error:’, JSON.stringify(error))
}, function (err, res) {
// here I am getting error in err.

in console I am geeting
GET https://sandbox.dwolla.com/Fi/Token/Search 500 ()
GET https://sandbox.dwolla.com/Content/images/500.png 404 ()

also if i am refreshing the page to restart the process I am getting message at the top of the page
“Sorry, there seem to be some technical difficulties while attempting to process your information. Please try again later.”

Any help at all would be much appreciated.

(Spencer Hunter) #2

@Bharat_Verma, This appears to be related to an outstanding bug as referenced in this thread here: UnexpectedPage IAV Error- navigated to an unexpected page and was cancelled. I 'll post back when this issue has been resolved!