IAV Navigated to Unexpected Page - Error in IAV

(Ethan) #1

Hello Dwolla community!

First off, thanks in advance for your help! It’s greatly appreciated and highly valued.

Right now I’m currently experiencing errors in the processing of the IAV flow in production. Specifically, upon calling dwolla.iav.start, the page appears as if it’s loading and will direct you to the first step to authenticate your bank information, but then sort of sputters out and eventually returns an error stating that the “IAV navigated to an unexpected page” and, therefore, cancelled the process.

My startIAV() function and use case in UAT works flawlessly, but as soon as I flip over to production, it returns this error. I have it configured now so that you’re directed to another page once completing the IAV process (and this part also works perfectly in UAT), so I’m not sure whether this is causing issues or not.

I can’t post the entire code, but here’s a snippet of the function:

dwolla.iav.start(‘iavContainer’, this.token, function(err, res) {
console.log(‘Account Created!’);

(Spencer Hunter) #2

Hi @durham989, What browser/device is this error returned on? Is there any errors showing up in the browser’s developer console? Lastly, your application has been approved to utilize dwolla.js/IAV in production, correct?