IAV token and dwolla.js with non-White Label app?

(Shawn Murphy) #1


Are you able to use dwolla.js and gather an IAV token for a user’s Account as opposed to a white label “customer”?

I have a non White Label app and am wondering what my options are to use IAV and dwolla.js?


(Shea Daniels) #2

Hi Shawn,

There are actually two pieces to Dwolla.js - IAV and a flow to provide account & routing numbers: https://developers.dwolla.com/resources/dwolla-js.html

IAV through Dwolla.js is only supported for White Label customers, but you can add a bank account using the second flow for any account/customer. If it needs to be verified, you’d have to follow through with micro deposits.

IAV for non WL accounts is currently supported on Dwolla.com, inline through our OAuth flow, and inline through the Offsite Gateway. So if you send one of your users through the OAuth flow and you request both the Send and Funding scopes, they will be prompted to go through IAV before you get a token back.

(Shawn Murphy) #3

@shea Perfect! Thanks! That is the info I needed.