Idempotent requests and other API questions

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I noticed that all API calls that create entities on your side are one step but dont have any kind of idempotency key (i.e. request ID or entity ID on the caller side). So my question is what to do in a case of network/timeout issues. Let’s say I sent request but didn’t get a reply from Dwolla. Is there a way to make sure that if I repeat transfer request money won’t be sent twice?

What outcome to expect if some of the payments in mass-payment API call are invalid (wrong or inexistent customer ID/amount/currency etc?) Are you going to decline such mass payment request or you will take and process only valid items?


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Hey hexdigest,

We’re working on adding support for idempotent requests right now. Hoping to have something out by the end of the week. I will try to remember to respond here when we do!

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Hi, thanks for the reply!

What about second question regarding mass-payment initiation?

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Dwolla will not fail the whole mass payment, rather we’ll only process valid items(transactions) within the mass payment itself. It is recommended that you call the API to retrieve your list of items after the mass payment has completed to check for failed items.

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Thank you Spencer!

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