Identifying people via Dwolla API


Is it possible to find a person’s name/age/address through the API? I understand that you ask for this info when a user creates an account.

(Cory Anderson) #2

Hey Isaac,
As part of the Access API, you can retrieve customer details by their Id by calling GET{id}

This will return the information that a Customer inputs during the customer creation flow.
For instance, a Receive Only Customer will return:

  • id
  • firstName
  • lastName
  • email
  • Customer type
  • verification status
  • Customer creation date

A Personal Verified Customer will return more details, as there are simply more required fields in the Customer creation flow.

It is worth noting that SSN, date of birth, business EIN are not returned.


@CoolStoryCory I want to know just two things (for legal purposes): the state they are in, and if they are aged 21+. Can the Access API tell me these? Can the transfer API tell me these things?


(Spencerhunter) #4

@Isaac_Cespedes, Regardless of which Product you’re integrating (Access API vs. Transfer), we will not return the date of birth for a user account from the API. For Access API, we return the state of the Customer account since we accept this field from a partner app when creating this type of white labeled account.


I understand, but it would be great to have a boolean for 21 years or over. I would not even care if this value were updated a month after the fact (to disguise DOB). Please consider it. Thanks.