Increase transaction limit

Hey in our project the transaction which are going to take place between Startups and Investors are going to be much greater than 5000$ or 10000$ we are currently on testing phase, I have read in the documentation that we can increase the transaction limit, upto how much can we increase it?
Also can you increase the transaction limit in sandbox environment for us so that it would be easier to test for us?
My sandbox email :-

Hi @Ankit – please reach out to for more information on higher transaction limits, and for assistance with enabling custom limits in Production.

As for Sandbox, I can increase the limits for your account! What amount would you want it increased to? Once increased, the same amount will apply to Personal and Business Verified Customers.

Hey @shreya in our App the transaction amount is much higher and we don’t want the transaction to have any kind of limit, is it possible? If not then set it to $5000000 for now.

Hey, @Ankit - Your sandbox transaction limit has been increased to $5,000,000 USD. As a reminder, any changes to your transaction limit in production will need to be approved by the Dwolla team. If you need anything else, please let us know.


Ok thanks!