Integration test for ACH tx failing

(Max M) #1

I’m trying to write an integration test in Javascript to show how my merchant-focused app would get money from a customer via ACH. Assume I’ve gathered the routing number and account number, and then I call these:

dwolla.transfers.create with source = the funding source from step 2 and dest being my email addr

Everything works except the transfer. For that, I get:

Validation error(s) present. See embedded errors list for more details.
Invalid funding source

For example:
‘x-request-id’: ‘64dfe784-d290-4a70-b1ad-c4b67ac694eb’
‘cf-ray’: ‘270bed8312b221bc-EWR’

What am I doing wrong?

(Max M) #2

I think what I was doing wrong was calling verifyMicroDepositsExist instead of microDeposits. Now that I’m doing that, the account is verified. BUT, now I get a server error:

 { data: '{"code":"ServerError","description":"A server error occurred. Error ID: 127e133f-f02e-44b7-aac9-0712240b1abf.","message":"A server error occurred. Error ID: 127e133f-f02e-44b7-aac9-0712240b1abf."}',

(Max M) #3

Email address doesn’t seem to work as the destination for a payment. I’m using my account id now and that seems to work. However, I’ve made enough customers that I can’t find my new ones in the sandbox UI anymore. Known issue?

(Spencer Hunter) #4

@djmax Can you provide the request body you are using when attempting to create a transfer?