Introducing a new developer portal

(Spencer Hunter) #1

What’s new?

We’re excited to announce a deeply integrated developer experience within the entire Dwolla website—a relaunch of our developer portal. Our new developer portal, dedicated to API V2, is now live and includes current white label functionality.

The intention for the developer portal redesign is to:

  • Clearly communicate functionality and benefits
  • Focus on simplicity in implementation
  • Reduce inbound support

Our new developer portal experience aims to improve navigation and usability, offer a clean and clear reading experience, and reduce some of the “busy work” required to get started and accomplish tasks with our API.

How can I access old content?

For existing API V1 integrations or any features not yet available in V2, you can continue to use the documentation here: As new functionality is built in API V2, we’ll gradually migrate resources and guides over to the new and improved experience.

Explore our new developer portal. As always, we welcome any feedback!

(Spencer Hunter) #2

(Richard Marcucella) #3

Hi Spencer - You folks used Slate to build your v1 API docs, Did you stick with Slate to build your v2 API docs? I’m asking because I’m looking at using Slate for building API docs as part of a dev portal revamp I’m working on. I noticed the differences in layout, especially for code samples between your v1 and v2 docs. Any information you can share would truly be appreciated.


(Ben Milne) #4

@Richard_Marcucella - Both v1 and v2 are built on slate.

(Spencer Hunter) #5

Hey @Richard_Marcucella! We used Slate for both v1 and v2 documentation. As you noticed, we changed up the nav and a few other things to align with the UX of our dev portal. We’ll look into open sourcing the code for the v2 docs. Let @troyblank or I know if you have any specific follow up questions. We’d be happy to share more!

(Troy Blank) #6

I was on the team that did a lot of the front end work. I would say slate is very easy to skin in general just be over-ridding the styles it currently uses. The only part that took some time was getting tocify to behave well with our new styles. I still am not fully happy with the outcome, but it’s very nit picky what I do not like about tocify.

Like Spencer said if there any specific questions you have let us know. But to recap I would say everything but the tocify menu was not a pain to re-skin.

(Richard Marcucella) #7

Hi Spencer, thanks for the follow up, I definitely have some more questions, and will reach out to you and Troy in a bit. Appreciate considering open sourcing your v2 changes - they look good.


(Spencer Hunter) #8

@Richard_Marcucella, We just open sourced all of our developer documentation! You can find links to the specific repos in this blog post:

(Spencer Hunter) #9