"Invalid Client Configuration" on OAUTH step1 on Production

(Murthy Raju) #1


We have created an account in the name of our company, verified the email ID, added a bank account and created an app.

We are trying to send our customers Via OAUTH flow for registering on Dwolla with the following URL:


The user sees an error on his browser, “Developers: Client Configuration Error”

I can confirm the following:

  1. The client id is right
  2. The redirect URI ( except for the additional parameters ) matches the one I have added to the app. The redirect URI embedded into the link is URL encoded correctly.
  3. The app permissions include Account information, Transaction Details, Balance, Send Monet, Request Money, Funding Source, Manage Account. - Out of these the OAUTH URL above, only seeks “Send, Funding and Transactions”, which is a subset of the permissions available.

The whole OAUTH flow works flawlessly on a similarly setup app on UAT environment

How do I troubleshoot this further? Any help is appreciated.

Krishna Murthy

(Spencer Hunter) #2

Hi @murthyraju, Thank you for you post and providing detailed information. Regarding this error, it sounds like you have taken the proper steps to debug. This is a generic error that is returned when one of the parameters in the request is invalid. Can you direct message me your full url that includes client id and redirect uri and I can take a closer look. Also, please send me the name of the application you created in production. Thanks!

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