Invalid client configuration

(Matt Sencenbaugh) #1

I’m having a very similar problem to this question. Edit: Actually the error now says ‘invalid client configuration’ last night it was saying invalid client_id.

Specifically, I believe I’m hitting the sandbox environment with an application I’ve created (‘Sandbox - Adopterluv’ on my UAT applications page), but the dwolla page keeps spitting back an invalid client_id message. Is there anything that looks immediately wrong from what you can see below? I believe I have all the required parameters for initiating the dwolla oauth flow.|Send|Funding&


(Matt Sencenbaugh) #2

This turned out to be a mis match between the scopes I was requesting, and the permissions the sandbox application was authorized to request. Make sure they match up, and the oauth flow initiates correctly.

(Ian Miller) #3

What scopes did you end up requesting that works with the sandbox? I’m trying to follow the example from the guide here: and it describes requesting scopes of “Transactions|Funding” in the sample request. I can’t find any other docs about what scopes I should request for the sandbox…

(Spencer Hunter) #4

@Ian_Miller, If integrating with Dwolla’s co-branded Transfer solution, the only scopes that are used to access resources in the API are Send|Transactions|Funding|AccountInfoFull. Make sure that the scopes you are requesting in the initial OAuth request are enabled on your application. You can edit permissions for your Sandbox application here: