Invalid Scope in Production Environment

(Prasad Kanchi) #1

Hi Team,
I have seen this as a solution in one of the topic:
Scopes are contained on an access token after a user account grants authorization to an application. It appears that you are calling the Customers endpoint in production which requires an access token with the ManageCustomers scope. This is a private scope that cannot be activated in our production environment until you’ve received our approval to use it and have entered into an agreement with us. Please contact a sales representative1 to find a package that best meets your needs!

But I don’t know how to activate the ManageCustomers scope.
Can you please guide me in Production Environment.
Here are my details:

Here is the error:
“code”: “InvalidScope”,
“message”: “Missing or invalid scopes for requested endpoint.”

(Ty Wistrand) #2


Thanks for reaching out.

Please feel free to follow up with me at and I’d be happy to assist you with next steps in the process.

Ty W.
Sales Operations

InvalidTokenType issue in dwolla live(production) environment
(Rashmi M Mhatre ) #3

Hi @ty1 I am facing issue while adding customers on Dwolla with below error message,

  "code" :"InvalidTokenType",
  "message":"The requested endpoint requires an account token."

Do I also need to contact sales team of Dwolla for premium previlage?

Thanks in advance!

(Ty Wistrand) #4


I’ll follow up with you via the email you sent directly to me.