InvalidScopeError when listing funding sources

(Fox Piacenti) #1


I am trying to list the funding sources of a user. I’m using the Python SDK. Here’s what I’m running with the credentials removed:

client = dwollav2.Client(

dwolla_api = client.Auth.client()


This appears to be following the documentation, as far as I can tell. However, this raises an InvalidScopeError, “Missing or invalid scopes for requested endpoint.”

When checking the ‘.scope’ attribute on the ‘dwolla_api’ variable above, None is returned.

Please let me know what I need to change to get this working. Thank you!

(Cory Anderson) #2

Hey @Fox_Piacenti Is this error returned in our Sandbox environment? You will need a privileged scope to make calls to the API in our production environment.
If your application has been approved to launch in production with creating Access API Customers then please contact your Account Manager for further assistance.

(Fox Piacenti) #3

Yes, it is being made in the sandbox environment.

(Fox Piacenti) #4

@CoolStoryCory Since it is in the Sandbox environment, do I need to do anything with privileges to get the scope to populate?

(Cory Anderson) #5

You should be fine with calling the API, no scopes to turn on. I would make sure you are making calls to our Sandbox by setting dwolla.configure to ‘sandbox’ rather than ‘prod’

(Fox Piacenti) #6

As shown in the above, I invoke the library with the sandbox environment flag, so it appears to be happening on the sandbox, even though it should not.

(Fox Piacenti) #7

@CoolStoryCory Is there anything else which I can check?

(Cory Anderson) #10

Hey @Fox_Piacenti I believe we rolled out a fix for this issue. Could you try again? If not, feel free to direct message me at your convenience and we can dig deeper into your account.

(Fox Piacenti) #11

@CoolStoryCory It’s still happening. I’m not seeing a way to direct message you on this forum software. I’ve checked your profile page and my inbox. Where’s the button for submitting a direct message?