Is there a way to freeze money?

Is there a way to freeze some amount in a client’s bank account for future withdrawals?
Just like it works with card payments. We are initiating the payment, but not collecting it at the moment, so we are sure that we can receive the desired amount, and the user cannot use the frozen amount on his card. And when we are sure of the payment, we complete this payment and collect the money. Is it possible in any way to implement with bank accounts on Dwolla?

Hi @Dmytro_Bosak , I’m afraid we don’t have the ability to freeze funds on a user’s bank account for future withdrawals.

Just to provide an alternative, you could utilize third party providers like Plaid to check the user’s bank balance before making a transfer to ensure that they have enough funds to cover a transaction. Let us know if you have any questions about that! Hope this helps!