Is there any performance difference between Sandbox and Production

I recently profiled a page on my website. The page took about 2 seconds to load, and close to 80% of the time is contributed from the request to get pending transfer:<customer_id>/transfers?status=pending

So, I’m just wondering if the response speed will improve after switching to production later.

thank you!

Hi @Automated_Applicatio, There is definitely a performance difference between our Sandbox and Production environments so hopefully this won’t be a concern. That being said, would you be able to send the Customer ID on that API call and we can do some digging in our logs to see if we’re able to find anything we can address? (Feel free to DM me your app name if that’s easier) Thanks!

customer_id: 79017b82-9542-4b38-823c-d39c33a701f4
approximate timestamp(timestamp of profile output): Sun 24 Jan 2021 10∶37∶55 PM CST

thank you!

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