Issue with Live Access Token

(Bo Lais) #1

We are having success with Dwolla API integration using the sandbox environment, but in dwolla LIVE mode we are having issues. Here are the steps we are taking and issue we face:


  1. Get Access Token and Refresh Token from DB.

  2. Get Account->Full using Access Token.

  3. If got error “Invalid Access Token”/“Access Token is empty”/“Expired Access Token” then generate new access token and refresh token. and Update token in table. And update access token and refresh token.

  4. Send money call.

  • These steps work properly when using sandbox but if I am using live api credentials we are getting error “invalid access token” in send call.

(Spencer Hunter) #2

@Bo_Lais, Can you show the request you are attempting that is resulting in an error in production? (Please omit private credentials like client id, secret, and any token string). If the response is “Access Token is empty” it sounds like there is an issue with reading the value from your database. If you get the “Invalid access token” error it could be several things. My first hunch is that you’re not pointing to the right environment. Are you sending requests to and not

(Bo Lais) #3

Hey Spencer, your hunch was accurate (or close enough). Amazing how sometimes you simply overlook the simplest things. I am good to go. Thanks for your help!

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