Java support to achieve escrow service with Dwolla payment gateway

(Shivam Dubey) #1
  1. Does your system provides feature of holding fund? (i.e. Escrow) If
    yes, is there a support of two sub-merchants in a single
    transaction (Sub Merchant “A” –> Master Merchant -> Sub
    Merchant “B”). And if we can hold funds then how can we achieve that ?

  2. Would hold time be fixed or its configurable?

  3. How can we configure accounts for Master merchant and sub merchant
    via API?

  4. How can we identify two sub merchants at run time?

  5. What is the terminology customer and if we want to make a transaction then how can we authenticate a customer from an API call ?

  6. By going through the documentations we found that there is difference in terms of json request format between your suggested java sdk and API documentation.

  7. Is the login for customer and user are same ?

  8. What is the difference between Access API and Transfer API ?

  9. what would be the possible grant type for authentication ?