Kba on sandbox account


how to activate kba on sandbox account?



Hi @mike – a Dwolla team member will need to enable it for you. I went ahead and enabled KBA for your sandbox account under the email

Let me know if there any other Sandbox accounts you’d like me to update, or enable any other premium features!

much appreciated!

One question about kba… why does kba users get automatically transitioned to document after 2 min? Is there a way to maintain the user state in kba a little longer?

What is the preferred user experience? I was thinking the customer will remain in kba until they answer the questions and if that fails, transition to document.

Hi Mike!

That’s the preferred experience. Upon a successful request to retrieve the question set, the end user will have two minutes to complete the submission of their selected answers. This is to prevent bad actors from acquiring answers to the KBA question set and falsely verifying an account that doesn’t belong to them.

Hope that helps! Here’s more information in our docs on handling the kba status - Customer Verification Statuses | Dwolla API Documentation