Kiosk ACH Solution

Hi there,

I would like to know if Dwolla can be used on a Kiosk based solution that we are currently working on. We are integrated with a large payment processor, but they don’t have any simple Kiosk Solution for us. We are a payment platform, we setup each merchants with our payment processor and once their account is activated their customers can come to our platform to make CC and ACH payments.

Kiosk will be an Android device, locked using Kiosk locking software, we will create a web-url for the check out page. ACH details will be entered manually/keyed in, just like going to a website, filing out a form. Once the payment is processed our site will give them a receipt from a printer.

The business merchant will be verified so that the funds can be deposited into their account. The unverified user would be their customer who will pay the merchant for their services.

Please let me know if this is something Dwolla can help us with?


Hi @ecom

I’ve relayed this inquiry to our infosec team to confirm that there are no security concerns when using the API in this manner, and should have an answer back shortly. If there’s a thumbs up by them, this use case should be fine.

Hi @ecom

As long as there isn’t any data stored on the kiosk itself you should be gtg. Our normal infosec requirements would still apply. I recommend checking out for more info

Thanks Kelly, I looked at the documentation and it seems to me that a new user (customer) would have to setup their bank account prior to using the Kiosk. Our solution would require a new customer who never ever used dwolla or our platform, to simply walk up, put in their account/customer id number, enter amount they wish to pay, add ACH routing/account # then click pay. No email address would be required. The way Dwolla is set up, I am not sure this would be a use case for it. Are there any Kiosk solutions out there already built on top of Dwolla? The payment gateway we use allows us to do that but they only allow online transactions only, not a public facing Kiosk. Also no information will be stored locally on the Kiosk, the check out page would be a website URL.

Hi @ecom , Dwolla used to have a kiosk solution that worked with our existing consumer product so it’s not out of the realm of possibility. I think something to consider would be the UX with using ACH at the point of sale. Funds would potentially take time to process through the ACH network leaving a lag time to where the merchant would not have funds prior to the exchange of goods. As far as the onboarding experience, the merchant that’s accepting funds would be setup as a business Verified Customer and the consumer would be an Unverified Customer. The consumer would provide details such as first name, last name, and email address. The user paying the merchant wouldn’t necessarily be able to punch in their account/routing number and be good to go. They would need to validate ownership of the bank account in order to be able to initiate ACH debits and have funds pulled for a purchase. This can be done using a product like Plaid or Dwolla’s IAV solution which offers a quick option for account validation.

We have come across this solution with existing clients but it’s not a common use case. It’s definitely an interesting use case and something that can be done with Dwolla!

Hopefully this info is helpful. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any follow up questions!

Hi Spencer,

Thanks for the reply. After looking at the docs I figured it would be difficult to do this type of integration. The whole point of the Kiosk would be to make the experience seamless so that more people can be converted from writing checks to ACH, also our customers mostly seniors, don’t have online banking setup. Our local utility company has something similar where you can submit an ACH payment with just routing and account number, they use the customer account info on the back-end, like DL or SS’No.s to process the payment. Anyways just wanted to know the feasibility of this project. Dwolla is a great product and I look forward to integrating other mobile payment products in the near future.