Lack of documentation and examples for V2 in PHP

(Kanan Hooper) #1

I see that V1 is no longer supported. But V2 isn’t fully documented and for PHP at least has many missing examples.

I’m a business owner that is paying to use your service. Paying money, trusting you with my money. And this is what I see in the documentation:

How exactly do you expect us to move to V2, when it’s undocumented and without examples?

Do you have an ETA of when you will have completed documentation?

(Spencer Hunter) #2

The dwolla-swagger-php client library, which is what is used and shown in the sample code doesn’t currently contain support for OAuth, therefore you’ll want to use an external PHP REST client for making requests to the Dwolla API for OAuth related functions. Something like Guzzle, Requests, or cURL would work. There are also a lot of resources on the web that will make working with OAuth easy.

We’re hoping to make some updates to improve the current resources for PHP in Q4 of this year. If you have any specific questions or run into issues with integrating with our v2 API, please let us know!

(Kanan Hooper) #3

Hi Spencer,

Thanks for the reply.

My V1 implementation is based around OAuth. If Dwolla is going to offer OAuth in V2. Wouldn’t it make sense to have complete documentation and examples of that before discounting V1?

As of now, my V1 code still works. But I haven’t seen a date anywhere as to when V1 would be turned off. I have production code relying on V1, and as I see it no easy move to V2.

The API v1 will continue to function for the foreseeable future, but Dwolla is no longer adding features, supporting minor bug fixes, or maintaining its SDK.

Can we expect OAuth examples and documentation for V2 PHP before V1 stops functioning?

Thank you,