Looking for basic instruction


Hi, I’m a super beginner here and don’t understand this platform well at all. Even the terms “API”, “white label”, “V2”, etc. are foreign. Can anyone suggest a basic tutorial or instruction guide to get me off the ground?


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Hi @GHR,

Happy to help out here. For general questions or guidance about our platform and it’s functionality, we have an online Support Center with FAQs and articles to help you Send and Receive money.

Additionally, it will help to get a better understanding of how you’re looking to utilize Dwolla. Can you please answer the questions below so we can better assist?

  • Are you using Dwolla for personal or business purposes?

  • Will you be using Dwolla to primarily send or receive payments?

  • Any other specifics about what you’re trying to accomplish through Dwolla.


Thanks bobby. In answer to your questions:

  1. Business purposes

  2. To receive payments (i.e. rent)

  3. All I’m looking to do is provide a way for tenants to pay me through automatic bank transfers, to have them create a membership account that remembers their information (so it won’t need to be entered every time), and for there to be an ability to look up the history of payments.

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