Making an ACH transfer to a Credit Card

(Yaniv Levi) #1

A credit card does not have a routing number, but as far as I know, when you initiate an online payment to pay your credit card bill, it is done via ACH. So how do we do this using the Dwolla API?

(Spencer Hunter) #2

@Yaniv_Levi, Can you provide additional information about your use case and platform?

(Valerie Hartman) #3

I have the same issue. I have a Global Cash Card account, to which I would like my Dwolla payments being transferred to. I have provided a routing number, but Dwolla still refuses to link my account to my Global Cash Card. What should I do?

(Spencer Hunter) #4

@valerie_Hartman, Are you wanting to pay your cash card with your Dwolla balance ? Is Global Cash Card a prepaid card?

Where have you provided a routing number? Can you provide clarification on: “Dwolla still refuses to link my account to my global cash card”? Are you attempting to add a bank account to your Global Cash Card account?

(Valerie Hartman) #5

The Global Cash Card is a Visa card.

Valerie Hartman

(Spencer Hunter) #6

@valerie_Hartman, I believe you’d need to leverage a “Bill pay” type service which Dwolla does not offer.

(Valerie Hartman) #7

I am sorry Spencer, but I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Valerie Hartman

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