Mass Pay CSV upload constantly fails in UAT - does this feature work?


We are going to start with MassPay via CSV upload, but the feature seems broken in UAT. Every time I have tried over the last 2 days I get “There was an error submitting your MassPay job! Please try again later.”

I’m just trying to upload the sample file that is linked on the mass pay screen. Is this feature disabled in UAT by chance? Or is the sample file outdated or something? I just reset my pin so I know it’s not that. There is a $1000 balance in the account and the mass payment is only $2.50 so it’s not an issue with funds.

Anyone have ideas?

The full contents of the sample file:

Name,Send to,Amount,Notes
John Doe,812-713-9234,$1.00,Thank you John!
Jane Doe,,$1.50,We appreciate your help Jane.

(Spencer Hunter) #2

Thanks for reporting @rhett, I was able to reproduce the issue. We’ll investigate what is going on here and reply back to this thread once we have identified/resolved the issue. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Hi Spencer, thanks for following up. I would really love to get a job into the system so I can test my ability to use the API to query job status. Is there any chance you guys could put some test mass pay data into my UAT account through some back-end means? Like a job that has a couple of payments, one of which was successful and one of which failed. Something like that. If you think the issue with the UI will be fixed quickly it’s no big deal, but it is kind of putting the brakes on our integration testing at the moment and test data would get me over that hump.


Hi Spencer, were you guys ever able to determine what’s going on here? Any ETA on a fix?

(jason) #5

Hey @rhett,

I’ll be looking into this today. I will post back here when I have resolved the issue.

In the meantime, you should be able to initiate a mass pay via our api.

(jason) #6

This issue appears to be resolved. Please let us know if you have any further issues, @rhett


Yeah it’s working for me now Jason. Thanks for the prompt help.

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