Mass Payment API Failing for each item

Hi @spencer @shreya
I am sending funds to multiple user’s balance from master account bank funding source and I am not getting any error in response of API but when I open dashboard to check the status of payments I see this

can you please look into it and tell me what is wrong?

Hi @Saurav – thanks for the sharing the screenshot!

From our logs, I’m seeing that the items are failing due to the Sender being on a different holdings location that the receivers since enabling VANs for your account. If you create new customers, the transfers and masspayments will process as normal. Alternatively, you can also migrate the Customers created prior to 01/05/2023 to the new holdings location by calling the following endpoint:


  “type”: “evolve-holdings”

I’ve also DM’d you a guide on VANs that may be helpful to reference!

That being said, the failure message displayed in the Dashboard seems to be incorrectly mapped. Are you able to confirm if you’re seeing the same message when retrieving the failure reason for the items via the API?

Hey @shreya so API is also not throwing any error message. Also is there any way I can move all customers to new holdings location because currently I am in dev phase and you might be able to see that I have so many users now I can not move every customers individually there. And one more question is that is there any way I can go back to the older holdings location by disabling VAN because I have tested it but as of now We are not going to need that in our project so if you disable that and I can go back to the original holdings location where everything was working that would be great

Hey @Saurav, once the account is configured to use a different holdings location for VANs, we aren’t able to reverse it back. I would suggest creating a new Sandbox account for testing.

If you’d like to use the same email address as the one you currently have for the Sandbox account, you can append an alias to make it unique. For example, I could have multiple Sandbox accounts under the following email address:

Once you create a new Sandbox account, let me know and I can enabled the same scopes that you have for your current account.

Great, Thanks @shreya I will ping you here once I create a different account