Mass Payment - Server Error

We are attempting to initiate a mass payment API call (1 record). The transaction failed with an error message of:

ServerError - A server error occurred.

This same code was working last Friday.

Hi @sberry, was this in Dwolla Sandbox or Production environment? Does this error refer to a Mass Payment item or was it on the creation of the Mass Payment? Do you happen to have a Mass Payment ID? Please feel free to DM me your application or account name and I can take a closer look in our logs!

hi @spencer,

This is in production. I believe it’s the mass payment item.

Mass Payment ID - 92a71bba-d71c-4ee8-af70-ac32012dcfe1

I was able to find what I believe to be the error. Amount is below the minimum. is what I am seeing in our logs. It looks like the amount sent was $.03, when the minimum amount allowed is $0.05. Were you seeing that error in the Dwolla Dashboard? If so, it could be an issue with mapping that specific API error to the Dashboard that needs fixed on our end.

Thanks for looking. We also tried sending .06 ( d7151bd7-48d4-49a0-a2b9-ac320120bffa) and got the same error.

I’m seeing the error messages in Transactions–>Mass Payments log. This was initiated via the API though.

Here’s a screenshot of the $.06 transaction.

Hi @sberry, sorry for the miscommunication on the minimum allowed amount. The minimum fee for transactions is $.05. The minimum transfer amount for pay as you go transfers is $0.10.

Ok, thank you. I just tested a transaction for $0.12 and it worked.

When we tested using the single transaction api endpoint the error message said “The supplied amount is greater than your transaction limit.”. This is actually wrong since my supplied amount was less than the minimum transaction amount.

I’ll test a few more transactions to ensure we are good.

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