MassPay API notes?

(Frank Wu) #1

It seems like MassPay supports recipient-facing notes (see guide and sandbox GUI), but I don’t see an option to includes notes in the API documentation.

Is there a way to pass notes to the recipient via the API?


(Frank Wu) #3

Following up here… any help or ideas?

(Stephen Ausman) #4

Hey Frank,

We don’t currently support notes in the V2 MassPay API. We support notes in the V1 API here, however the V1 API is deprecated.

(Frank Wu) #5

Thanks @stephen for getting back to me. Will this be supported in the near future?

(Stephen Ausman) #6

No problem @frankjwu!

Support for the notes field in API v2 is not on our short term Product roadmap, however I have passed this feedback/request on to our Product team for consideration.