Max tries to verify funding source

(Adam Esterle) #1

What is the maximum number of attempts to verify the 2 amounts from the micro-deposits?

Is there anyway to test this in sandbox? It seems like the attempts are unlimited.

If there is a max, what happens if the user hits it?
Funding source removed? New micro-deposits? Funding source ban? User ban?

(Spencer Hunter) #2

@AdamEsterle, we’re working on improvements to micro-deposits in API v2 to give an application more insight into when the MDs are available to verify. In addition, we are also reworking our docs to cover this topic in more depth. That being said, see my responses below…

After the micro-deposits have been marked as completed to the bank account you get 3 attempts to successfully pass in the correct micro-deposit amounts. After the three failed attempts you’ll need to do the following: 1) remove the bank account. 2) wait 48 hours 3) re-add the bank account and re-initiate MDs. Once the new MDs clear the user can re-attempt to verify the new amounts.

Testing in the Sandbox: We’ll accept any two amounts under $0.10 in the Sandbox as valid amounts.


@spencer, you mention users have 3 attempts with the micro-deposit and then you say after two failed attempts we remove the bank account, etc.

Can you please clarify if the user has 2 or 3 attempts per micro-deposit for verification?

(Spencer Hunter) #4

Apologies @scuba. I edited that post because we increased the number of attempts from 2 to 3, but forgot to edit everything. We’ve also added new events microdeposits_maxattempts (for Accounts) and customer_microdeposits_maxattempts (for white label Customers) which will be triggered when the user has reached their max verification attempts for those micro-deposits.

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