MetaData is not working in transaction

Can I send any information while doing a transaction ? I am using webhook to change a status but you know sometimes webhook send response before saving a transaction in my database. So, I want to create that row in webhook response. but need to save some more info for a transaction. What will be the best way to get those information in the webhook ?

Hi @todor

Yes. You can send either metadata or an addenda object. Below are resources for both:


I’m not sure I understand this part of the question 100%. It may be app specific. Our webhooks are not customizable, but you can view a list of all the webhooks we have here.

Okay I am initiating bank_funding_source to balance_funding_source. At the same time I want to create a row in my database. and saving pending status to it. and while webhook gives the transfer_completed I want to update the status of that transaction in my database. but webhook is not giving the responses randomly. Transfer created event come after the Transfer completed event.

Hi @todor

I believe you should be able to pass in a correlationId to track the transaction end to end. I found this post on the forum that should help. Please lmk if not.