Micro-Deposit Funding Source Verification Q

Question about the Micro-Deposit verification documentation.
Verify Micro-deposits | Dwolla API Documentation

In the documentation, it states that the customer will need to verify that the deposits have hit their account, but also states that the webhook subscription will tell us when the deposits have hit the bank.

Is it such that you only need human intervention when the application is not subscribed to webhooks?

Thank you.

Hi @mmatlock

I don’t know if I completely understand the question, but webhooks are there for you to become notified of the occurrence of an event with some relevant information. Even though the end user may have received the micro deposits, it’s important to receive a webhook confirming this in the case they state that they did not. That way the company or org utilizing the Dwolla API will know that it is not a mistake on their end.

Let me know if this clarifies things or if you have any follow up questions

Hmm. OK, for further clarification:
The documentation first says that the customer needs to manually look at their account and verify that the deposits have hit the bank successfully, and then interact with the app to say (paraphrased) “yes, I have seen these in my bank.”

The documentation then later appears to say (paraphrased) “If you are subscribed to webhooks, you will get a response if the deposits successfully transfer into the bank account.”

If we have the response that the deposits were successful from the webhook, do we still have to have the customer go into the app and manually confirm “yes, this 0.06$ is in my bank account”?

Hi @mmatlock – the microdeposits completed webhook is meant to notify your app that the amounts should have hit the bank by now, and that the form to verify the amounts can now be presented to the User. Manual verification of the amounts by the user is still required to ensure that they have ownership of the bank account and can confirm the amounts we sent them.

To clarify, we are not only verifying that the bank account exists and can receive funds, but also that the owner of the bank account is the one who is signing up for the service.

Hope that helps clarify things! Please let us know if you have any questions!