Micro deposit verification process


Could you please confirm on below things during the micro deposit verification process :

  1. How can we get to know how many chances are left for the user to verify ?
    For example there will be total of 3 attempts allowed for a use. If the user enters wrong amount at first attempt, then only 2 attempts will be left for this user. Assume the user will leave the application and then come back the next day to verify it again. Is there any support from dwolla’s side to know how many verification attempts are left for that particular account ?
  2. Once the user enters the correct amounts and verify, “customer_funding_source_verified” will be triggered instantly ?
  3. Once the user exhausts with all of the attempts, “customer_micro_deposits_maxattempts” will be triggered instantly ?

Thanks & Regards,
Kavya H L

Hi @Kavya_HL - sure thing!

  1. There isn’t a way to know the exact number of attempts remaining for a Customer to verify their microdeposit amounts, but you can tell with the verify-micro-deposits link in the funding-source response letting your application know the funding source can be verified.

    Once 3 attempts have been made and the verification failed, at that point, the "verify-micro-deposits" link wont be returned in the response which is an indicator that they aren’t eligible for verification.

  2. That’s correct – upon successful microdeposits verification, the customer_funding_source_verified webhook is fired, the status of the funding-source changes from unverified to verified, and the "verify-micro-deposits" link is no longer returned in the response. All of these actions occur instantaneously.

  3. Correct – the customer_micro_deposits_maxattempts webhook is fired instantly and the "failed-verification-micro-deposits" link will be present in the funding-source response.

    You’d then need to go through the steps described in our Docs (Link) if the user wants to retry with that same bank.

Hope that helps! More information can be found in our Docs linked above.

@shreya the microdeposits expire?

Hi @Efrain_Mtz – microdeposits don’t expire. They can be verified anytime after they’ve been initiated and received in the bank account.