Micro Deposits working on UAT?

(Chris Antonellis) #1

I’m having an issue testing micro deposit flow on UAT.

I’m able to read all, create, read one by id, and delete funding sources, no problem there at all. When using the id of an unverified funding source I just created and attempting to create, check for, or verify micro-deposits, all I get in response is “The requested resource is not found.”

Are the micro deposit endpoints working correctly?

Unrelated to micro deposits, the docs regarding funding sources are kind of misleading, as there are two examples of data you can send to create a funding source, but only one (the first) actually works! ( https://docsv2.dwolla.com/#funding-sources ) I needed to use “222222226” as a routing number to create a funding source, this seems like the only value allowed but i didn’t do a lot of testing, I do know that the other example provided “87654321” does not work and returns a validation error on routing number (invalid parameter)


Of potential use to others, overlapping issue addressed here: github.com/Dwolla/v2-ach-api-docs/issues/34