Need to speak to someone at DWOLLA

I need to speak with someone at DWOLLA! For the past two weeks, I have been going back and forth on emails and have had enough of this.

I use to have an account with DWOLLA and support told me that it was suspended because DWOLLA does not have that type of account any longer that I could register for a new account but when I do I get this message This email address already has a Dwolla account. So they say that they are deactivating my account so I can register a new one (hmm thought that was already done but OK) So I try again and again and get the same message.

So I email back with my same problem this time just asking to change the email address on the old account so I can register my new account with my email address and I get this reply from DWOLLA

Thank you for reaching out. Dwolla does not directly support our client’s end users.

You will need to reach out directly to the company with whom you have an account with for any questions or concerns that you have.

WHAT??? I am reaching out to the company that I have an account with.


Hi @tizjusme, Apologies for the issues encountered with working with the support team on your existing Dwolla Account. I’m primarily on the tech/API support side but will reach out to our support team to see what they’re able to do to assist. Is the email address you used for this forum the one that is tied to your legacy Dwolla account? If not, please feel free to send me a private message on here to include the email address associated with your Dwolla account. Thanks, and hopefully we can get this addressed asap!

Yes the email address I have on here is the same but I am also going to send you PM on this. TY