[New release] Dwolla support for the OmniPay family!

(David Stancu) #1

#Hello developers!

We have been approached by multiple people with regards to OmniPay, a universal payment gateway system for PHP-based platforms. We have written our own OmniPay driver integration for the platform.

#What do I do next?
To integrate an existing application with OmniPay, just require dwolla/omnipay-dwolla with version constraint 1.1.x. Afterwards, drop to a shell and run composer update && composer install. Here’s some example code:

Create a purchase

use Omnipay\Omnipay;

$gateway = Omnipay::create('Dwolla');

$gateway->setKey('An API key!');

// Want sandbox mode?
// $gateway->setSandbox(true);

$response = $gateway->purchase(['amount' => '10.00'])->send();

if ($response->isRedirect()) {
    // Redirect to Dwolla
} else {
    // Something went wrong!
    echo $response->getMessage();

Retrieve an already created checkout

use Omnipay\Omnipay;

$gateway = Omnipay::create('Dwolla');

$gateway->setKey('An API key!');

// Want sandbox mode?
// $gateway->setSandbox(true);

$checkout = $gateway->capture(['transactionReference' => 'c271d65c-7b71-421f-a80f-8682bb2ce2c4'])->send();

Where do I get it?

The OmniPay driver is available on Packagist or GitHub. Additionally, you will soon be able to pull this package as a part of omnipay/omnipay as soon as this pull request is accepted by the OmniPay maintainers.

(Gordon Zheng) #2


(Fraser Redmond) #3

Does the OmniPay driver support mass-pay? (I’m guessing it doesn’t, but one can hope…)

(David Stancu) #4


I could do this, but I don’t know under which method I can implement it. OmniPay attempts to abstract the differences between any kind of payment gateway into a set amount of functions, only purchase() is allowed to be used for making payments in accordance with their semantics (which is the whole point of using OmniPay).

I could perhaps add a parameter, that when toggled, will work with MassPay - actually - that can be done. Is this something that you would want to use? I can build it and have a release out within a week or two.

Let me know :smile:

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