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Plaid is one of our funding sources whom I like best …

What are some of our other funding sources are?

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Now it’s back to work. If anyone can help me drop a line

Hey there!

Currently, we support 4 different funding source types: bank, balance, card, and virtual. You can find more information on these types and their differences on our Funding Sources developer documentation page.

Apart from the different funding source types that we offer, you may also create a bank funding source in a few different ways. Currently, we support the ability to create a funding source manually via an API request (this is later initiated and verified via micro-deposits) or via our client-side JavaScript library dwolla.js, or via an integration with a supported third-party provider such as Plaid, Finicity, or MX, which makes use of our newly-released Secure Exchange solution.

I hope this helps!