Non webhook requests from dwolla


I get some messages at my webhook endpoint that aren’t exactly webhooks. For example, they do not have resourceID’s.

What are these?


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@Isaac_Cespedes, Can you provide an example of what one of these webhook payloads looks like? My assumption is that you’ve subscribed a webhook url in the UI which is used only for receiving webhooks for API v1. This information will not be relevant for data that is returned in API v2.


Here is an example. I subscribed to the first one, for all events, so what you are saying sound right. I just wanted to be sure. I just send a 200 status right away for these.

{ Id: ‘2341235’,
Type: ‘Transaction’,
Subtype: ‘Status’,
Created: ‘2017-07-12T00:19:14.000Z’,
Triggered: ‘2017-07-12T00:19:03.606Z’,
Value: ‘processed’,
{ Type: ‘money_sent’,
Notes: ‘’,
Fees: [],
Id: 2341235,
Source: [Object],
Destination: [Object],
Amount: 10,
SentDate: ‘2017-07-12T00:19:14.000Z’,
ClearingDate: ‘’,
Status: ‘processed’ },
Metadata: null }

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Hi @Isaac_Cespedes, This appears to be a webhook payload that will be triggered for API v1 related events. I would recommend navigating to and clicking “Edit Features” next to your application. This should give you the option to disable webhook notifications.

For receiving webhooks that include information on API v2 resources, you’ll want to create a webhook subscription via the API. This guide should give you a reference for how-to subscribe your webhook URL.

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