Not able to access the customer status

(Prakash S L) #1

i requested for get customer API and i got response something like below

#<DwollaV2::Response status=200 headers={}, “id”=>“72854411-173d-42cf-a277-6d63db870860”, “firstName”=>“prakash”, “lastName”=>“sl”, “email”=>"", “type”=>“personal”, “status”=>“verified”, “created”=>2017-04-13 09:12:40 UTC, “address1”=>“185 BERRY ST”, “city”=>“SAN FRANCISCO”, “state”=>“CA”, “postalCode”=>“80002”}>

i tried to fetch the customer status but i am getting response status.
How can i fetch customer status here please some one help me.

(Stephen Ausman) #2

Hey Prakash,

You can fetch the customer status by doing:

customer = token.get "customers/#{customer_id}"
status = customer[:status]

Hopefully that helps!