Not able to create a token on the sandbox

(Guirec Corbel) #1


When I go on this page and I click on “create token” I can see a new token but when I reload the page, it disappear. The Refresh Token seems to be not valid and I have an error when I use the API.

Is there a bug ? What can I do ?

Thanks !

(Spencer Hunter) #2

Hi @Guirec_Corbel, The token generator on that page should generate an account access token for your own Dwolla account which is issued to your created application. A refresh token is paired with an access token and is used to solely refresh authorization on an Account. This type of access token is typically used if you’re integrating with Dwolla’s co-branded Transfer solution. If you’re integrating with our white labeled Access API then an application access token can be programmatically obtained and used to facilitate all API calls. Reference this section for obtaining an application access token.

If you’re not integrating with Dwolla’s Access API, what steps are you taking with the access token and refresh token after you generate this token pair?

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