Not able to prevent duplicate payment with same Idempotency key


How to use Idempotency key to prevent duplicate payment?
I have used UUID library too but still able to do payment with same amount with same UUID key

Can you please help me regarding?


Hi @shreyas.p,

Passing a unique UUID in the headers of a transfer request should make the request idempotent. For an idempotency-key to work, the request bodies must be the same.

Would you be able to share the transfer IDs that are duplicates of each other?


I have set “idempotency-key” both places with static key like ‘123-11-11-11-11’ just for testing but able to transfer money with same amount.

Please check following transfers URLs

Please let me guide what to do to fix it.


Hi @shreyas.p, the Idempotency-Key needs to be include in the headers of the request.