Not encountering the 'verified_account' oauth flow in uat shown in docs



Maybe it’s my development environment (cookies?), but I cannot duplicate the ‘verified_account’ flow depicted at using either of the following resources:

In particular, I am not encountering “Step 3” from the documented flow.

Can anyone else confirm?


[OAuth] Does sandbox mimic production?
(Spencer Hunter) #2

@gallyvader What page is being displayed on the redirect? Can you show the code you are using to generate the auth url?


@spencer thanks for acknowledging.

First, from “Full Account Creation” at

…now I complete the signup at

…I get bounced through to…

…completely skipping steps 3 through 4-1.



(Shea Daniels) #4

Hi @gallyvader, this Sandbox account creation flow is specific to our Sandbox/UAT environment. It’s the equivalent to the full account creation flow in production, but we made it simpler so developers don’t have to make up fake account data.


Thanks @shea, must have missed that in the docs, somewhere.