[OAuth] Does sandbox mimic production?


I am using sandbox right now to create accounts and I noticed that switching between verified_account = false and verified_account = true is very different than what’s in the documentation. For false, I am taken through Email/Password >> Bank Account Screens >> Accept Permissions. For true, I am only taken through Email/Password >> Accept Permissions.

The documentation states that for true, that adding a social security number will be included. Also, there is a screen that shows a user choosing the type of account they seek to create. Can someone explain why I am not seeing what the documentation shows?

I found these links that might answer, but they are old and I want to verify.


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@mparker11, The user experience for verified account creation through OAuth will vary slightly from Sandbox to Production. In the Sandbox we’ll skip the signup processes for creating a verified account and automatically create one for you. The following guide should walk through the OAuth account creation process in greater detail: https://developers.dwolla.com/guides/auth/oauth-account-creation.html

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