OAuth Error : Access Denied , Invalid Scope For application

(Keyur Patel) #1


I am using Dwolla API V1. And I am getting Access Denied and Invalid Scope For application Error. This was working on Sanbox Account but getting error on LIVE app. Can you please let me know what could be the issue ?

(Spencer Hunter) #2

@Keyur_Patel, Can you show a screenshot or a sample response of the exact error you’re running into? Does this occur within the OAuth flow itself or when calling the API after you have received an access token to act on behalf of the user?

(Keyur Patel) #3


Here is my OAuth Url Please have a look on it.


And here is the Call back url I am getting


(Spencer Hunter) #4

Thanks for the details @Keyur_Patel, It looks like you are requesting a scope that your application doesn’t have enabled or access to. Keep in mind that ManageCustomers, which is used to create white label Customers is a privileged scope in production.

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