Oauth failing to reach authorization page

(Daniel Teleginski Camargo) #1

Instead of opening the authorization window I am redirected to the registration page.
I am using Postman to test it.
Any thoughts?

(Spencer Hunter) #2

Hi @danielcamargo, step one of the OAuth flow requires constructing a URL and redirecting the user to that URL via a web-browser. I’m not sure this can be done using Postman alone but I may be wrong. Can you outline the steps you’re taking or provide screenshots of what you’re trying with Postman? (please omit private credentials)

(Daniel Teleginski Camargo) #3

Hi Spencer, sometimes late night programming numbs our senses…

As I was already logged in I assumed I would be redirected straight to the Authorization Page. Instead, Dwolla destroys the section and sends me to “Create a Dwolla Direct account”.

Thus the confusion.

Thank you!

(Spencer Hunter) #4

Awesome, glad you got to work! I’ve definitely been there before. :slight_smile:

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