OAuth Landing Page not 'Register'

(Galenweber) #1

I’m implementing Dwolla Direct, and I would like to configure the initial OAuth landing page to ‘register’, as most of my customers will be first time users.

However, even when I set dwolla_landing=register in the URL, the landing page always defaults to login. I’ve pasted the exact URL I am using below (sans client ID and redirect URL). I am not using any library, but simply redirecting to Dwolla from the front-end (at this point).


I’ve reviewed the two other forum posts about the landing page, but the issue seemed to be with the library used, which cannot be an issue here.


(Spencer Hunter) #2

@galenweber, That is strange, are you sure dwolla_landing is getting passed through in the initial request? I just tested this on a demo app I have up and am not seeing the same behavior.