OAuth Redirect settings in Sandbox

(Andrew) #1

Can’t seem to find where to set the OAuth Redirect settings in the Sandbox environment. Production has them when I go to the Registered Applications page but I can’t get there in Sandbox.

Am I missing something?


(Spencer Hunter) #2

@Andrew_Cornman, If you’re leveraging our existing v1 API or are currently using Dwolla in a co-branded manner then you should be able to still access this information in our old dashboard at https://sandbox.dwolla.com/applications.

(Jordan Graft) #3

@spencer I am having this same issue. Using V2 and when trying to go through the OAuth flow I get this error. I am using the key and secret from my sandbox application that I got from sandbox.dwolla.com.

URL I am sent to: https://sandbox.dwolla.com/oauth/v2/authenticate?response_type=code&client_id=x&redirect_uri=http%3A%2F%2Flocalhost%3A3000%2Fadmin%2Fintegrations%2Fdwolla_callback&scope=ManageCustomers%7CFunding&state=a4bae513c56ff82d&verified_account=true&dwolla_landing=register

Sorry, an error occurred while processing your request.

Developers: Invalid client configuration. Refer to OAuth documentation at docsv2.dwolla.com for more information. 

Does the OAuth flow work in Sandbox?

(Spencer Hunter) #4

Hi @Jordan_Graft, I would recommend taking a look at the primary auth method for the Dwolla API which is via the OAuth client credentials grant. Since the Dwolla API is white labeled by design and meant for server-to-server applications, your app will be obtaining authorization to act on behalf of itself as well as any Customer accounts you programmatically create by calling the API.

We will likely be moving away from the existing standard 3-legged OAuth 2.0 process, where users would grant your application authorization to access their Dwolla account. Instead, your users will exist as a white labeled account that will be managed by your app and not using a dwolla.com interface.

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